Coronation thoughts and thank you.

To the most Stellar Kingdom of Northshield… Thank you.

Saturday was one of the most magical days we have both had in our SCA lives and it was because of the work, dedication and joy of our Kingdom. Many things – both small and large – are set in our memories forever. Please forgive us if we miss anyone in particular in our thanks – we tried very hard to keep track of everything but it was an extraordinary event.

To the Shire of Rivenwood Tower and their amazing staff for the day – Thank you for being our lovely hosts for this event. The site was great and we appreciated all the decor and pre-planning. THL Wilhelm von Ambor took care of our every request. Our thanks also to those who took time to run martial activities – Baron Damiano for Armored Combat, THL Cledwyn for rapier and Lady Aneka  for archery.

Our magnificent feast was done by Lord Lucius and included entertainment by multiple singers, drummers, comedians and servers; Lord Baldwin, Baroness Ekaterina, THL Bastien , Lady Coquette, Mistress Elashava and many, many, many more.

Our heartfelt thanks to those who help us build all the things that came together for our ceremony. THL Aibhilin  who was the mastermind and design diva for our garb and all of those who helped her out – Duchess Petranella and THL Jehanette and others. (name are hard today). The woodburning on the viking chests, which were made by Hunter of Ironwood, was done by THL Aodhan. To the crew that packed, hauled, set up and tore down everything – too numerous to name and yet, so amazingly dear to us. To those who thought it was smart to arm my best friends with calligraphy spears….. I’m still deciding if it is a “Thank you or How could you” type situation.

We owe a lot to our predecessors who were kind in showing us the ropes and tolerant of my personal exuberance for things (really, they were just tolerant of me in general) – Count Katsuo and Countess Aethelflaed. Thank you both for your dedication to the Kingdom. You have made it a better place.

And to all of Northshield – To those who were with us, to those who could not join us and to those who have passed beyond, thank you.

-Gwenhwyvar and Rhys
Stellar Sovereigns of Northshield