Inspiration in Northshield

Inspiration is an ideal which is near and dear to Us. We are looking for those in Northshield, our Kingdom and home, who inspire others through deeds both small and large. We are relying on Our people to advise Us at all times, and this is a moment where We very much need your aid. This isn’t about awards or titles – it is about those things which make us Northshield. From the new fighter choosing their first consort to the artisan who donates children’s toys for largess – to even the Duchess who spends her events teaching and learning new things…. Please take a moment to tell Us about those who inspire you and why.

This information is for Our personal use during Our reign so that we may recognize people for their ability to inspire greatness in us all. We will not post or publish any of these replies without the permission of the author and subject. Please feel free to email Us at with any questions or comments.

Thank you.
Rhys and Gwenhwyvar
Sovereigns Northshield