Preferences and whims


Food Preferences:
Their Royal Majesties are avoiding all grains and consume minimal dairy products.

  • Drinks
    • Water (room temp tap is okay)
    • Tea (Hot in cold months, Iced in warm,  no cream or sugar needed)
    • Cider (hard or soft)
    • Mead
    • Her Majesty always appreciates caffeine (sugar free Monster or Rockstar).
  • Snacks
    • Meats  (summer sausage, Jerky, etc)
    • Most cheeses – hard cheese are preferred
    • Standard Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip
    • Fruit (grapes, berries, apples, pineapple)
    • Pickles (all varieties and vegetables)
    • Chocolate (all types of dark chocolate and plain M&Ms)
  • Avoiding
    • All grains
    • Raw Onions
Combined Badge
Combined Badge

Color / Animal Preferences:
Both of Their Majesties personal colors are Blue and Silver.  They share a badge that represents them as a couple and for the reign have adopted a combined image.
Combined Badge

Reign Logo

His Majesty loves grey cats – in all representations though playful is the best.


Rhys – GreyCat Workshop
Rhys – Device

Her Majesty is represented best with her white kitsune (three tailed fox).

Gwen – Kitsune Badge interpreted usage
Gwen – Device

Cultural Period:
Their Majesties are mainly living in the 6-9th centuries in the areas around Scandinavia.  Both the Valsgärde dig and the Arnegunde tomb have been personal study interests as is the intersection of trading cultures in Birka.

Since Northshield has such a diverse population,  Their Royal Majesties would love to learn more about different time periods and cultures from their people. Please feel free to share your knowledge and help them out.